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ADULTs: GODThings Happening

There are many offerings for you to study God's word throughout the week. You can choose a predetermind day and time or you can join a small group and choose your own day and time. Find the one that best suits you.


 9:30 a.m.

(in the fellowship hall)

Sunday School classes run from September to June 


We are pleased to offer a variety of guest lecturers teaching on a variety of topics relevant to today's issues. The subject matter changes every 6 wks. you may join at any time.

Adult Sunday School 9:30 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall

For more information contact:

Pastor Tim

Story of God NT Wright Feb and March ver

Tuesday a.m.

All men are welcome to participate. Typically we study a book of the Bible or particular topic. We also seek to support one another in prayer and identify ways to support the community.  

For more information contact:

Dick Cairns


For more information contact:

Pastor Tim


take place seasonally

These are groups formed based on; subject matter, common interest, friends, or any other reasons. Some follow books with study guides, some have a facilitator to guide them, some are coed to deal with family matters or marriage. 


Whatever your need or desire to get closer to God and learn more a small group can be found for you or formed.


Please contact Pastor Tim for guidance

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