There are many offerings for you to study God's word throughout the week. You can choose a predetermind day and time or you can join a small group and choose your own day and time. Find the one that best suits you.


Tuesday a.m.

All men are welcome to participate. Typically we study a book of the Bible or particular topic. We also seek to support one another in prayer and identify ways to support the community.  


For more information contact:

Dick Cairns


 Thursday 10:30 a.m. - 12 p.m.

The Thursday Morning Women's Bible Study welcomes women of all ages. We follow the school schedule and do not meet during vacation.


The Upper Room Devotional is used as their guide for discussions. During COVID they meet in Gloucester at the "Avis Murray" tennis courts on the boulevard in the good weather. There is no babysitting.


For more information contact:

Joan Houghton or Jo Zubricki


take place seasonally

These are groups formed based on; subject matter, common interest, friends, or any other reasons. Some follow books with study guides, some have a facilitator to guide them, some are coed to deal with family matters or marriage. 


Whatever your need or desire to get closer to God and learn more a small group can be found for you or formed.


Please contact Pastor Tim for guidance


 9:30 a.m.

(in the fellowship hall)

Sunday School classes run from

September to June 


We are pleased to offer a variety of guest lecturers teaching on a variety of topics relevant to today's issues. The subject matter changes every 6 wks. you may join at any time.

Adult Sunday School starts at 9:30 a.m.: 

October 24—December 5

Talking Donkeys, Holy War, and Shellfish:

Grappling with Tough Old Testament Texts

Taught by Ellie Wiener

(MA candidate in OT and Biblical Languages at GCTS) 


Have you ever had trouble worshipping the God revealed in the Old Testament?

At first glance, some OT passages can seem mythical, violent, oppressive, 

or just bewilderingly irrelevant.


This six-week course aims to confront these gut reactions,

wrestle with our questions, and suggest ways forward in coming to love God more by reckoning with hard passages in the Scriptures he has given us.


Week 1—Introduction: Why & how we grapple with tough Old                                               Testament texts

Week 2—Miracles & historiography

Week 3—Divine judgment

Week 4—Holy war

Week 5—Women & patriarchy

Week 6—Law (especially when it seems bizarre & irrelevant!)

For more information contact:

Pastor Tim