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DivorceCare & Counseling: 

My Divorce Story Video

Most never think separation or divorce will ever show up along their route of life. But sometimes we find ourselves staring straight at these turn signals saying…


….How did I get here?….I feel so lonely...

How can I get through this?...Is there hope?


Those navigating these questions, and the uncertainties of separation and divorce, are invited to join DivorceCare. This uniquely designed, 13-week video-based program wrestles with some of the hardest topics you may be facing, including: What’s Happening?, KidCare, Facing My Anger, Single Sexuality Facing My Loneliness and Forgiveness. 


Join anytime as we walk together, as regular people, through some the most difficult seasons of life. Everyone's story is unique. We care and value your personal experience and what you are going through. Though each person's stories are not the same, we aim to be a place where you can feel comfortable, safe, encouraged and understood. Join us for coffee and tea as we explore towards healing and hope.


Contact Pastor Tim  for more information:

call:  978-768-7855 

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