Our church is led by committees that meet monthly and gather yearly to report to the congregation at our annual meeting in May. All are welcome to attend meetings or you may give your name to the nominating committee before the annual meeting to be voted in as a committee member if you are church member. 


We are responsible for the financial and physical well being of the church. We prepare an annual budget, oversee the maintenance of our building and manage the church's investments.


Recent improvements include the historical bell tower repair, handicap ramp railing painting, and fire sprinkler updates.

More information contact Chairpersons Rich Adams or Chris Larson


We are responsible for finding missionaries locally and abroad for our church to support through prayer and donations. We encourage them to update us periodically through our Missions Moments during our service time and then enjoy fellowship with them after worship to ask questions and learn more. Do to the nature of some of their work translating Bibles or supporting local churches in hostel areas, it is too dangerous to identify them. We do have a binder with all those we support for your review, at church. We do however support the Gentle Bells Prep. School in Kenya, to learn more about them click on the button below.


We also like to support the youth of our church by providing them with scholarships to summer camps where they can learn more about God in a different setting. 


We embark on multigenerational mission trips periodically, to learn more click on the button below.


For more information contact Chairperson: 


The women's ministry was originally formed as a vehicle to plan social events for the women. Over the years, the focus has changed and has evolved into a loving, sharing, praying fellowship intended to encompass all the women of the church and an outreach to the community and homeless as well. 


Yes, we do plan events as ideas are shared for meaningful fellowship including our annual women's retreat in October or November, our fall church fair, summer VBS, and our annual Christmas pot-luck brunch & Yankee swap.


Our ministry is inclusive and we welcome anyone who would like to join our church family or to simply rely on us for support and encouragement.     

Our yearly retreat is in the month of October or November!

For more information contact:  Pastor Tim


Our food pantry is located in our nursery large pantry closet. It is lovingly stocked by our congregation with dry goods and non perishables for those in need in our community and congregation. You can help by going to the grocery store and picking up extra items each time you go to help stock the shelves


For more information contact: Rosie Read


Our Holiday Fair takes place in the late fall with all the other churches in Essex, on a Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. We offer an intriguing Silent Auction, fabulous finds in our White Elephant room, the Best Baked Goods, unique Artisan items, healthy plants, a fun children's activity (decorating gingerbread mangers) and the BEST luncheon in town (ice cream puffs with chocolate sauce for dessert!). 

For more information contact: Pam Prichard/Lisa Clark


We are responsible for finding greeters, ushers, and lay readers for our Sunday worship and providing prayer after worship for those in need. We also help to serve communion on the first Sunday of the month.


Our everyday focus is on visiting those in need and holding many in prayer, if you are in need of a visit or prayer please let us know.


We have a Shepherding program where everyone in the church has an assigned Shepherd who will pray for them or be there in any way they can. We celebrate our sheep and shepherds during the summer with a Summer Deacon's BBQ at various shepherd's houses with food, fun, and fellowship!


We want to get to know everyone better with the following offerings; a "Birthday Registry" for all members of our church family, so we can celebrate with you, a "Photo-adddress Book" for you to match names with faces for easier communication during fellowship time and beyond and you can find a driver or a meal if you are in need (look for food & car symbol next to a name), and "Dinners for 8@6," to have intimate gatherings at a host's house to get to know each other better.

For more information contact Charirpersons: Margot Hammon &                                                                                                                         Kristin Larson


We are dedicated to teaching our children about God's love and sharing God's love. We are led by our Director of Educational Ministry who helps us to look at what we want for our children and at what ages, based on biblical knowledge, main concepts and our church traditions. We provide Sunday School every Sunday @ 9:30 a.m., Family Communion the first Sunday, Children's Church the 2nd, 3rd, & 4th Sundays during worship time . We will continue to evolve as our children continue to grow in God! For more information click the "Nursery & Sunday School" button below.


We are also responsible for our "Kick-off Fall" all church, family and friends BBQ/Picnic Fun Day, our winter Christmas Eve Pageant, our spring "Children's Worship Day "(where the children take over all aspects of the service) , and our summer VBS program (for more information click the "VBS" button below).


 "Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him." 

Psalms 127:3 (NLT)


For more information contact Chairperson: Ruth M-Hoover

 For more information about VBS contact: Kathy Archer


The men's ministry has montly Saturday breakfast meetings, annual retreats and service projects for those in need. 


The men's breakfast is the first Saturday of the month, starting at 7:30 a.m.  After breakfast they have a speaker or a video, with discussion and questions to follow. Come enjoy a hearty breakfast and great fellowship!


For more information contact: George Harvey

The yearly retreats have taken place in various retreat centers around New England. They take place from Friday to Sunday, with a speaker, discussion groups, activities, great food and fellowship!

Our yearly retreat is in the month of April!

For more information contact: Pastor Tim

The men also take on projects to help those in need with chores, major and minor repairs and odd jobs. If you know of a need or would like to help with your talents, you are welcome to join in.


For more information contact: Dick Cairns


CareGIVERS is a group that meets monthly to support those who are caring for a loved one(s) of any age and for a multitude of reasons. We meet at the church, lower level, from 6:30-8p.m. We meet to listen, to understand, to support, to pray, and to show God's love for those who need the care and those of us who are giving the care. Please join us. 

Here is an article written by one of our care givers published in Care Dimensions"4 Tips for Caregivers" (click)


For more information contact: Lisa Clark