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Building Safety Guidelines

All of us in the congregation, and particularly those who take responsibility for groups of children, should know some basic facts about the physical aspects of our building. This will help us think quickly and clearly in the event of an emergency.


Please report any accidents or injuries to the pastor or church secretary and complete any necessary insurance documentation.



Telephones are located in the kitchen, in each classroom, in the Pastor's office, and the Choir Room/Library. Press any "line" button to get an outside line.



Children (and any adults so inclined) should not run in the hallways.



Bathrooms are handicapped accessible. There is one located across from the elevator on the second floor, and two by the back entrance on the ground floor. There is also a child-sized toilet in the bathroom off the nursery.



The kitchen is a wonderful resource, but it has potential dangers. No children should be in the kitchen without adult supervision.


The Elevator

No children should enter or use the elevator without adult supervision. We would ask that any adult remind children - as necessary - lovingly but firmly, that the kitchen and elevator are off-limits.


First Aid Kits

A first aid kit is located in each of the janitor's closets: one on the first floor adjacent to the stairs, and another on the second floor in the back entryway to the sanctuary.


Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are located in the kitchen, in the large vestry, and in the sanctuary.

Fire alarm pulls are located throughout the building near exits.


Emergency Evacuation and Fire Drills

Each fall and spring the Sunday school will hold a fire drill.

Emergency exit plans are posted in each classroom. In general, follow the nearest exit sign to the outside of the building and proceed to the rear of the parsonage.

In the case of an emergency evacuation of the building, parents should go directly to the rear of the parsonage to meet their children.

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