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The New England Blessing - Churches sing "The Blessing" over New England
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For your review or if you need to catch up, you can read and/or listen to any sermon from any given Sunday worship service from the convenience of your computer.  COVID 19 in-house guidelines (please review before worshiping with us) GUIDLINES (click)

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 There are many offerings for you to study God's word throughout the week. We offer pre-worship Sunday School with various teachers throughout the year, a book club, and the formation of Zoom groups if there is a need . You can join a  small study group already formed or choose your own day and time to start a group.  (contact Pastor Tim for finding something that fits your needs).


Information to help you to better understand and to educate, leading to empathy and love for all.


What follows is a suggested outline for spending some quiet time with God each day, structured around the events of the church year. As Eugene Peterson puts it, “When we submit our lives to what we read in  Scripture, we find that we are not being led to see God in our stories but our stories in God’s.” The readings begin on Monday and lead up to the designated Sunday.


Lectio involves a slow, reflective reading of Scripture that offers a way of opening to God’s initiative. It is prayerfully dwelling on a passage of Scripture, reading the text and responding with periods of silence, in order to be read by it.

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